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In a previous column this week, I wrote that slotting for the three-pool Rio Olympics would arise from the final point standings in the 2015/2016 HSBC World Rugby Sevens series. This was erroneous. My usually reliable European rugby organization source made a mistake.

My apologies.

The true Rio 12-team placement stems from last year's and this year's results for the four top teams from 2014/2015. These were Fiji, New Zealand, South Africa and Great Britain. 

The aggregate points from the last two seasons will sort the next eight seeds. In any case, Brazil will be 12th and in Pool A. Currently, the USA is sixth (last year's result) but it could rise to fifth with four contests left to play.

Here's the rub for the USA: stay sixth and meet lowly ranked Brazil in Pool A. Or, move to fifth and play in a pool with more competitive teams, and possibly a lesser opportunity to win by wide margins. This becomes important when point differential determines the order in the quarterfinal round.

Thus, we await the final contest in London to add this season's World Series totals to last year's outcome for the pool placement in Rio.

The pools will look like this:

Pool A             Pool B             Pool C

1                      2                      3

6                      5                      4

7                      8                      9

Brazil             11                    10