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The 12-team pools for the Men’s Rio Olympic participation offer problems and opportunities for the USA team. Remember, that eight nations will advance after the first day’s three-match pool play. Pool points (two for a win, one for a draw) will constitute the main decider, and then point differential for the slots numbering one to eight in the quarterfinal round.

Within in the event, there exists one pool that is unbalanced in terms of overall past performance, the pool with Brazil. Brazil is in the field of 12 solely because it is the host nation and not because of any outstanding sevens experience.

Thus, when qualifying for the eight spots, the teams in the Brazil pool (Pool A below) can possibly run up big scores, and thereby assure a higher placement in the quarterfinal slotting.

For the Eagles, probably not in the same pool as Brazil, it means that if they go 2-1 on the first day, they will have to compete with Australia for fifth place.  Brazil pool competitor Argentina (also, hypothetically 2-1) would be fourth placed based on a greater point differential than either the Eagles or Australia.

Should the USA finish fifth, it would then play Argentina, a team currently lower in the standings and certainly an easier squad for the USA to defeat. Should Australia place fifth, and the USA sixth, the Eagles would play the second seeded team, perhaps South Africa, historically, a more difficult team to beat.

These are conjecture pool scenarios for Rio in August based upon current point standings to date this season.

Pool A                         Pool B                         Pool C

Fiji                                    South Africa             New Zealand              (All 3-0)

Argentina                        USA                           Australia                        (All 2-1)

Great Britain (1-2)         Kenya (1-2)             Samoa/Canada

Brazil                                Japan                      France

Many months and four more matches (Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris and London) before the end of the 2015/2016 HSBC World Rugby event ends.