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RWC - Betting Odds

There exist many differences between Great Britain and the USA, numbering driving on the right hand side, using two different types of sugar, one for coffee, one for tea, and allowing betting shop locations with added wagering on-line. These bookies usually cover horse racing and soccer, but also the Oscars and elections. And, since September 2014, posting odds on next year’s Rugby World Cup.

The betting options cover three types of wagers:

  1. Cup Winner
  2. Pools Champion (Four)
  3. Winner from Northern or Southern Hemisphere

The web site (UK) lists the odds from more than 20-betting entities in Great Britain, highlighting the best odds offered. (NB. You cannot bet from the US at any of these betting web sites.)

Cup Winner Odds

The lowest (or poorest pay out odds) are for New Zealand averaging 6/4 with the highest offered at 8/5. If you wagered £5, the return would be £8, or less than even money. The All Blacks have won two of the past seven World Cups.

The other favorites are England (3/1), South Africa (4/1) and Australia (9/1). These three nations have won the other five World Cups.

The mid-long shots include France, Wales, and Ireland between 12/1 and 16/1. Remember, France have played in three Cup finals and lost them all. Ireland have won the Six Nations Championship often but never reached once the semi-finals of this event.

The USA and Canada?  As low as 500/1, reaching a maximum of 2,500/1.

Pool Champions

More favorable betting odds – offering less predictable outcomes – can be found in wagering on which team will emerge as the pool winner. One upset in pool play among the eight favored teams could change the standings.

Pool A: England (6/5), Australia (7/4), and Wales (5/2). Any Other (1,000/1)

Pool B: SA (1/10), Samoa (12/1), and Scotland (16/1), Any Other (1,000/1), USA (2,000/1)

Pool C: NZ (1/75), Argentina (12/1), and Tonga (40/1). Any Other (1,000/1)

Pool D: Ireland (1/1), France (1/1), and Italy (40/1), Any Other (1,000/1), Canada (750/1)


This is a straight wager to predict which global hemisphere will produce the 2015 Cup winner.

Southern: From 7/20 to 1/3

Northern: From 2/1 to 9/4

Is this the “sure thing”; betting on the Southern trio of All Blacks, Wallabies, and Springboks? The payout is small but it looks promising.

Final Note

The odds were posted when the pools were announced this past September but these odds will change marginally as the 20-nations tune up for the Cup over the next 12-months.

You can only wager in the UK, and a reminder, the “Big Three” betting shops are William Hill, Ladbrokes, and Coral. Good luck if you do.