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Prince Harry and School Children (photo courtesy E Magazine)

Rugby Today kicks off its coverage of the 2015 RWC in an informal way with this fun photograph of Prince Harry passing the ball with school children. It’s a casual approach to announce that the event will be held next year in England ( It’s also a reminder that the sport has its roots in England, when, as everyone knows, William Webb Ellis picked up the ball and ran with it in 1823 at Rugby School. The first national union by England was formed in 1871.

The playing of rugby here also begat the club system, which, over time, would witness local grounds (pitches and clubhouse) by Blackheath, Wasps, Harlequins, Richmond RFC, etc. London accommodated the notion that players working in that city could play rugby for a Home Nation team, and thus, the establishment of London Welsh, London Scottish, and London Irish, these clubs sending top players into the national XVs of Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.

The Rugby Football Union (RFU) for years, served as the official arbiter of rules and club registration before the IRB. (The New York RFU became the first registered U.S side in 1934.) The RFU built Twickenham, the original stadium started in 1907 that has become the iconic home of rugby in the world, seating 82,000 people after final expansion in 2004.

Rugby Today RWC Reportage

Its fifteen-months to the start of the RWC, when, on September 18, 2015, England play the winner from the Oceania region at Twickers.  Rugby Today will fully cover the big event with news briefs, player profiles, pools analysis, and daily coverage of the championship as it enfolds.

But today, in our first posting, we’ll list the dates, cities, and times of the four US Eagle matches. Some supporters might want to start planning today to travel to and attend these games.

Date                City                 Time                Opponent        By train*         By car*

Sept. 20           Brighton           12:00 p.m.        Samoa              1:00+               1:15+

Sept. 27           Leeds                2:30 p.m.         Scotland           2:15+               2:30+

Oct. 7              London              4:45 p.m.         South Africa       -                     -

Oct. 11            Gloucester         8:00 p.m.         Japan               2:30+               2:45+

Oct. 18            Twickenham    4:00 pm            FINAL            : 30                  1:00+

(* from London, approximate)

The Two Princes

Both William and Harry played rugby, and photos of them in kit can be found online under their names and images section. The royal brothers attended the RWC in 2007 in Paris. And, they’ll probably be interviewed many times in the run up to the tournament.

Tip of the Day

Book accommodations at the three Eagle venues outside London the night before the match to avoid travel worries and travel problems.


General sales commence this 2014 September 12 to September 29 on the RWC website.