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Odds - RWC 2015

With the end of the recent autumn test tours, and their empirical results, the betting consortiums in the UK and Ireland have changed their 2105 Rugby World Cup odds. New Zealand, which went 4-0, remain the favorite but not at formerly less than even odds, the low offering before the autumn outcomes.

It is still speculation whether there exists a significant underlay of a team whose odds are undervalued. The main reason for hesitation to wager not on the All Blacks is the uncertainty of which of the six main competitors could reach the finals to defeat New Zealand if the Kiwis make the last round. Remember: No RWC victor has repeated in the next tournament.

Odds and Past RWC Results            Win     Place   Show

New Zealand                5/4                   2          1         2

England                        10/3                 1          2         0

South Africa                 4/1                   2          0         1

Australia                       9/1                   2          1         1

Ireland                          10/1                 0          0         0

Wales                           18/1                 0          0         1

France                          18/1                 0          3         1


The 10 to 1 odds on Ireland seems the most promising wager, assuming the Irish can repeat their 2014 Six Nations Championship, and recent 3-0 autumn tour results with victories over Australia and South Africa.  But here’s the rub; a loss in pool play to France would mean meeting New Zealand in the first round of quarter finals.

The 9 to 1 odds on Australia also offer a decent payout if the Wallabies can regroup in the next ten-months and erase the subpar 1-3 tour outcomes.

The All Blacks have reached the final round three times, and won twice. They are the reigning world champions and the acknowledged favorite. Yet New Zealand in the past world cups have not found the winning capability more than twice in seven events.  And in 2011, at home in front of partisan crowd, they defeated upstart France 8-6 in the dullest and least convincing of low scoring wins.

Final Note

These odds come from UK sites, which are not accessible to bettors in the United States. It is unlikely that American casino sporting books will offer any odds on this foreign event. Finally, it is probable that the odds will change after the completion of the 2015 Six Nations Championship and southern hemisphere Rugby Championship.