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Fijian Flag

Name:            Fiji

Continent:     Oceania

Nickname:     Flying Fijians

Kit:                 White jersey, black shorts, black socks

Ranking:        9 (77.04)

Pool:               A (Australia, England, Wales, Uruguay)

1st Match:      England on September 18

Past RWCs:   Six ('87, '91, '99, '03, '07, 011)

Path to RWC: Beat Cook Islands 108-6 for Oceania 1 qualifier

WC Stats:      Quarterfinals represent farthest advancement. Wins over Argentina, Wales (38-34 in 2007), USA, Japan (2), Canada (2), and Namibia (2).

Flag:               Union Jack in the canton. Light blue color symbolizes the oceans.  Shield is country's coat of arms. Plans to design new flag (like New Zealand) without Union Jack.

Betting Odds: 1,000 - 1

Comment:     Pity the Flying Fijians who achieved a ninth place world ranking (tied for historic high), and find themselves in the same Pool A as three countries all ranked above.  The team has backs a plenty, but the pack lacks the experience needed to compete with the dominant three nations