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Flag of Georgia

Name:            Georgia

Continent:       Europe

Nickname:      The Lelos (Lelo is an ancient, national game similar to rugby.)

Kit:                  Red with white trim for jersey, shorts, and socks

Ranking:         13 (72.16)

Pool:                C (New Zealand, Argentina, Tonga, Namibia)

1st Match:      September 19 versus Tonga

Past RWCs:   Three (’03, ’07, ’11)

Path to RWC: As Europe 1 winning the 2012-2014 European Nations Cup 1A

WC Stats:       Achieved two victories in three world cups; against Namibia (’03, 30-0) and Romania (’11, 25-9)

Flag:                The red cross represents St. George, the country’s patron saint. The four quartered ones are possibly “Jerusalem” crosses

Betting Odds: 2,000-1

Comment:       Rugby is the favorite fan sport in Georgia, which has become the top side among the lower ranked European nations. In the European Cup, it has dominated the event with eight wins, four more than runner up Romania with four.