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Japan Flag

Name:            Japan

Continent:       Asia

Nickname:      Brave Blossoms

Kit:                  Red jersey, two, white hoops, black shorts, and black socks, red band on top

Ranking:         14 (71.15)

Pool:                B (South Africa, Scotland, Samoa, USA)

1st Match:      South Africa on September 19

Past RWCs:   All Seven

Path to RWC: As Asia 1 after winning the 2014 Asian 5 Nations.

WC Stats:       One victory (1991, Zimbabwe 52-8) and two ties (Canada) in 24 matches.           

Flag:                Red disc represents the sun (“Lucky Sun”) and the white stands for honesty and purity.

Betting Odds: 2,500 to 1

Comment:       Past world cups have proved difficult for the Japanese to beat other, third tier nations.  Earlier this year, the USA defeated Japan 23-18 in the Pacific Nations Cup and these XVs will face off in the fourth, and final game of Pool B. The Japanese will host the RWC in 2019.