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Samoan Flag

Name:             Samoa

Continent:       Oceania

Nickname:      Manu Samoa (native warrior)

Kit:                   Blue jersey with white symbolic sleeve, white shorts, blue socks

Ranking:        12 (75.14)

Pool:               B (South Africa, Scotland, USA, Japan)

1st Match:       USA on September 20

Past RWCs:    Six events from 1991 to 2011

Path to RWC: Automatic qualifier as one of the top 12 teams.

WC Stats:       Achieved two victories in each of past six cups, including wins over Wales (2), Argentina (2), and Italy.

Flag:                Stars in canton are Southern Cross. Blue represents freedom. Red is traditional Samoan color

Betting Odds:   250-1

Comment:       The Samoans do a pre-game challenge known as “siva tua” similar to  All Blacks' haka. First match against Fiji in 1924. Historic record against other Pool B opponents shows South Africa (0-8), Scotland (1-7-1), Japan (11-3) and USA (4-0). Of note: 27 of the 31 RWC squad play professionally outside the country.