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Flag of Scotland

Name:            Scotland

Continent:     Europe

Nickname:     None, the thistle is the national symbol

Kit:                 Dark blue with white band, white shorts, dark blue socks

Ranking:        10 (76.10)

Pool:               B (South Africa, Samoa, USA, Japan)

1st Match:      September 23 versus Japan

Past RWCs:   All seven

Path to RWC: Automatic qualifier of top 12 teams

WC Stats:      Achieved a fourth place finish in 1991 but lost in all other quarterfinals.

Flag:               The cross of St. Andrew, acknowledged as the oldest flag in Europe.  Known as the Saltire, the definition of an x-shaped cross

Betting Odds:  200-1

Comment:     The Scots have not made it out of the quarterfinals in the past five tournaments. This once, great rugby nation has fallen on hard times, finishing on the bottom of the Six Nations Cup frequently. A lack of professional depth has limited the country's return to world rugby parity.