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TV and Digital

            There are some terrific options to view many of the upcoming Rugby World Cup matches, some free, and others reasonably priced. Via Universal Sports and NBC, viewers in the United States have opportunities for television and digital selections, the latter for most digital devices.


  • Bill Seward – play-by-play for 2011 RWC, HSBC Sevens World Series, and other international rugby matches.
  • Brian Hightower – former USA Eagle (1999 RWC) and former captain of USA Sevens; analyst for 2011 RWC, analyst for all rugby on Universal Sports and NBC.
  • The team will do a one hour RWC preview and pool by pool analysis, Friday, September 18 before the opening game of Fiji and England


  • NBC Television: Two matches (Semi Final #1 on delay; Final live)
  • Universal Television: Seven matches live
  • ITV is host broadcaster in the UK whose feed will be picked up by all countries

Links Online

The Nine Free Television Matches

1. September 18, Friday

England v Fiji

Universal Sports LIVE @ 2pm ET

2. September 20, Sunday

Samoa v USA

Universal Sports LIVE @ 6:30am ET

3. September 27, Sunday

Scotland v USA 

Universal Sports LIVE @ 9am ET

4. October 7, Wednesday

South Africa v USA

Universal Sports LIVE @ 11:00am ET

5. October 11, Sunday

USA v Japan

Universal Sports LIVE @ 2:30pm ET

6. October 24, Saturday

Semi Final #1

NBC @ 2:30pm ET (This will be aired on a two hour delay.)

(Seward and Hightower will be joined by former Eagle Captain Dan Lyle and Fiji Sevens legend Waisale Serevi to cover the semi-finals, Bronze Final, and Final).

7. October 25, Sunday

Semi Final #2

Universal Sports LIVE @ 11:30am ET

8. October 30, Friday

Bronze Final

Universal Sports LIVE @ 3:30pm ET

9. October 31, Saturday

Rugby World Cup Final

NBC LIVE @ 12pm ET

Pay Per View Choices

This option will come from many cable companies that are local to your community. For example: DISH, Direct TV, Comcast, Time Warner, and many more. 

The fee per match will be $27.95.

Contact the cable companies to learn packages and schedule.


The RWC is a paid option available for streaming online for all devices, including I-Phone, Android, tablets, computers, etc. The technology will allow viewing across all platforms.

The package for all 48-games is $199.99.

Importantly, these downloads can be saved and will be available for “on demand” viewing until the end of 2015.

Final Note

This RWC will set global records for vieweship.