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RWC 2015

Friday, September 12 at 10 a.m. U.K. time, tickets for the 2015 Rugby World Cup will go on sale.

NOW READ THIS! Only buy tickets from the RWC on line site at

You are taking a risk to purchase tickets from unauthorized ticket sellers.

Here’s what you need to know about the transaction:

  • Tickets are on sale from September 12 to September 29
  • You can buy up to four (4) tickets for each match;
  • You can also buy group tickets for larger parties;
  • Tickets are as low as £15 (around $24.75);
  • Some children’s tickets are £7 (around $11.55);
  • The final will cost you £750 (around $1238.00);
  • Any oversubscribed match will be “balloted” - (A random draw);
  • The four Eagles’ games will probably not generate sell-out demand; and,
  • Remember, three of the four Eagles’ games are outside London.

Beware of travel deals that might include premium tickets from entities that have materialized solely for this RWC. You will be denied entry into the venues if you carry counterfeit tickets.

England Rugby 2015, the organizational body charged with running the RWC 2015, cautioned all buyers to beware of “touts” and “botnets,” that harvest illegally, a large cache of tickets.

CEO Debbie Jevans, and her capable staff, perceive they can mount the most successful Rugby World Cup in history, and, importantly, generate more than £250.0MM ($412.5 MM) in sales. England Rugby 2015 is obligated to pay the IRB £80.0MM (around $132.0MM) for the tournament.

The RWC web site contains easy-to-use instructions for these purchases.

Be smart and be cautious.