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Uruguayan flag

Name:             URUGUAY

Nickname:      Los Teros (Southern lapwing, see photo)

Kit:                  Light blue jersey, black shorts, light blue socks

Continent:       South America

Ranking:         19 (62.11)

Pool:                A (Australia, England, Wales, Fiji)

1st Game:        September 20th against Wales

Past RWCs:   2 (‘99, ‘03)

Path to RWC: Defeated Russia in qualifier

WC Stats:       Two wins: ’99 27-5 vs Spain, ’03 24-12 vs. Georgia

Flag:                The Sun of May in the canton is national symbol. The nine stripes represent nine departments. Blue color is same as Argentina.

Betting Odds: 10,000 to 1

Comment:       The “other” XV in South America. Uruguay RFU founded in 1951, not joining the IRB until 1989. Loses always to Argentina, but beats other South American XVs, including Chile and Brazil.