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Prince Harry meets the Boks

The 2015 Rugby World Cup in England is considered a sensational success measured by all metrics. Record breaking ticket sales and stadium attendance. Record breaking worldwide television viewership. Greater media coverage for print and broadcast. 

Based on preliminary data, the event:

  • Attracted more than 464 million visitors versus 380 million for France 2007;
  • Contributed $1,320 billion in direct expenditure; and
  • Set a record 2.4 million in attendance (France was 2.2 million).

Interestingly, here is the breakdown from where the visitors came:

  • Europe              41%
  • UK/Ireland       22%
  • Australasia      19%
  • North America  9%
  • Africa                   4%
  • Other                   5%

Specific organizations deserve praise for staging this seminal event. They are:

World Rugby - Mounted an informative, detailed, and topical web site that updated tournament results, offered video clips of the matches, and narrated anecdotes about the teams and players.

RFU - The venerated English Rugby Union served as the host union for the visiting teams. Under the aegis of CEO Ian Ritchie, it acted in conjunction with England Rugby 2015 to make the event a success.

England Rugby 2015 - Led by Debbie Jevans, the entity efficiently established a country wide (and Wales) stadium selection, sold tickets, generated sponsorships, and many other organizational and infrastructure activities. Its constant press release provided the necessary information that fans needed to know.

The Pack - Kudos to the six thousand volunteers who served the event.

Finally, much praise to Prince Harry, who acted as the official representative of the royal family to the World Cup.

It's on to Japan in four more years.