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Romanians celebrate victory

Game #29 at Leicester City Stadium

Romania 17 – Canada 15

The Canadians were leading 15-0 into the 52nd minute of the second half when the Romanians scored a try and a conversion to make it 15-7. The Romanians converted a second try to tie the game, and then win it with a penalty at the 77th-minute. The outcome meant Romania will leave with one victory, while the Canadians at 0-4 are whitewashed for the first time in their RWC history.

Game #30 at Milton Keynes Stadium

Fiji 47 – Uruguay 15

At 17-minutes into the first half, the Uruguayans scored the team’s first try in this RWC to an outpouring of joy for Los Teros. But bigger, stronger Fiji piled on the points, achieving their first Pool A win, and exiting the RWC at 1-3. The pool of Deep Disappointment hindered these Islanders from securing any additional wins. Los Teros added a game’s second try.