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National Stadium

At the outset, this weekend will not mark the first occasion that Singapore hosted an international sevens circuit tournament.  The world’s only Island-City ran this event in 2002, 2004, 2005, and 2006 before the IRB moved it to Australia.

But now it’s returned, and expectations are high that it will produce near filled stands in the 55,000 National Stadium that features retractable seating.

The promotions on its site encourage fans to come for the rugby and to party, in costume. Its goal is to equal the spirit and ambiance of Hong Kong, both cities with large ex-pat communities.

Ancillary events will include a Singapore Schools and Colleges tournament, and a Singapore Tag 7s.  Finally, an important event will be the South East Asia (SEA) Sevens.

The HSBC World Rugby series to date (seven played) has produced record crowds in many venues, and this weekend will showcase Singapore, one of the four new cities in the 2015/2016 season. Singapore signed a four-year deal with World Rugby to host the event.

We wish it good luck.

Hong Kong Sevens Surprise Ending

At the tournament’s conclusion, the Hong Kong RFU informed participants that, for the first time, the Union would not pay prize money. This came as a shock to all, since no pre-tournament notification had been given. The reasons stated were twofold: The Hong Kong Sevens was the only event on the circuit to pay monies, and, secondly, the HKRFU preferred to keep funds for its XV program expansion.