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Cardiff Celebrates Women's Victory

The first round of the Women's Six Nation's Championship recorded an unforeseen upset as Wales beat last summer's World Champion England in Wales. The results follow:

Wales 13 - England 0

France 42 - Scotland 0

Ireland 30 - Italy 5

Wales vs. England

This marked only the third time that the Welsh defeated the Red Roses, an outcome that came as a surprise. England did not lose a game (one tie) during the WRWC, and the smart money predicted another ding-dong Six Nation's 2015 battle between the three heavyweights, Ireland, France, and England.

However, 12 of the Red Roses' players opted to play in the Women's 7s event in Brazil, the lure of an Olympic medal deemed more important than the historical Welsh-England rivalry. The English replacements could not contain a spirited Welsh side that secured a seventh place finish (out of 12 spots) in the recent WRWC.

Remember, Ireland, Italy, and Scotland do not field a women's 7s team in the W7s circuit.

Games this week

The schedule for this weekend mirrors the men's contests, but all women's games are played in much smaller venues.

Friday, February 13 - Italy host France          19:30*

Saturday, February 14 - Scotland host Wales 17.00*

Sunday, February 15 - England host Italy        14:00*

(* European time.)