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South Africa won its second gold medal in the HSBC World Rugby Sevens event, soundly defeating Fiji 26-5. The Fijians, ranked second in the standings, have yet to win an event in the first three venues (Dubai, Cape Town, and Wellington.)

Scotland took the bronze defeating a surprisingly improved Canadian side, which enjoyed their best result in many years, earing 15 points for a fourth place finish.

The USA dropped to 11the place overall, falling two points behind the tied trio of Australia, Argentina, and Kenya who tallied 25 points.

Results to Date Follow:

  1. South Africa    63
  2. Fiji                      51
  3. England           49
  4. Scotland          44
  5. New Zealand   39
  6. Wales                30
  7. France               28
  8. Australia          25
  9. Argentina        25
  10. Kenya               25
  11. USA                   23
  12. Canada             21

The spread is widening between South Africa and second place Fiji, Olympic champions. Additionally, the All Blacks continue to show none of the panache of years gone by, mired in fifth place, 24 points back of the event leader.

Finally, barely 10,000 spectators came to the Wellington event. Ever since the “party” ambience was withdrawn from the tournament, fan interest declined dramatically. World Rugby cannot sustain a major sevens tournament with only 10,000 in attendance. A decision must be made soon where to move the Wellington event.