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Stony Brook has booked its second-straight trip to the Las Vegas Invitational. In addition to an excuse to get out of Long Island in February, the Seawolves look at the LVI as an opportunity to play on a bigger stage against better teams than usual.

“Any time you can play at that level, it brings your game up and you find out where you’re at. We know that we can play at that level, there’s no doubt about it,” said Stony Brook coach Jerry Mirro.

“The bigger the stage you play on, every time you play at that level, it’s not like the first time when you’re going out there again. We adjusted to that real well the second day (last year), and we beat Texas in the Sweet 16. We’re just going to keep developing that way, that Vegas is a mainstay for us every year.”

Being able to duck into Sam Boyd Stadium and watch the international action is beneficial, too.

“It’s fantastic. it’s great for them. It’s a huge bonus for them,” said Mirro of his players. “They get to whet their appetite on that one a little bit, and it adds a little incentive. Will they ever play at that level? Who knows. To aspire to that level? They all will.”

Stony Brook is one of many college teams returning to the desert to compete in the CRC qualification tournament.