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The scrum continues to be a question for the developing USA Selects team.

While, oddly, many clubs have former props as coaches and many successful clubs in the USA, including at the college level, care about the scrum, at the international level, the USA struggles.

This was apparent in the ARC match against the Agrentina Jaguars, as the South American team got a consistently good shove on.

In fact, the Jaguars were so eager they ended up being penalized for a needless early engagement.

USA Head Coach Mike Tolkin was not discouraged by what he saw Friday night.

"We scrummaged well at some points and our front row had some good hits and height to it," said Tolkin.

The Selects lost three scrums against the head - usually by being shoved back so violently hooker Derek Asbun couldn't event get any attempt at a strike.

But at the same time, the Americans won a scrum against the put-in on their own five-meter-line. That was the scrum where Cam Dolan made an impressive surge away from the line to clear the pressure.

That incident made Tolkin smile.

"[I think] the guys held their own against a very experienced pack," said the coach.

Looking ahead, the USA Selects pack had to endure a bunch of of injuries. Asbun's ankle swelled up nice and pretty after his sprain - Tuesday could be a stretch for him to be fit to play. Prop Tim Paulsen did not get on the field on Friday and Eric Duechle didn't make the 22. Both could be playing Tuesday.

Meanwhile at hooker Tolkin could go with Stan Moaalii or Zach Fenoglio. Fenoglio is doing double duty as a hooker or prop.