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U20 Japan Celebrate

The 2019 Boys’ U20 Trophy Tournament continues to the third round, the event taking place in Sâo Paulo Brazil inside the Estádio Martins Pereira. Eight nations will contest the title in this second tier U20 contest.

Three teams are unbeaten, Japan in Pool A, and Tonga and Portugal in Pool B. These latter two fifteens will play on Wednesday, July 18, the winner to advance into the final match, probably, against Japan.

Japan, the team relegated from the 2018 U20 Championship, defeated Uruguay and Brazil. They will end the pool run against Kenya.

Tonga and Portugal beat Canada and Hong Kong.

The winner of this event will be promoted to the top rung U20 Championship, comprised of twelve nations.

With only an eight team U20 trophy format, the USA have not entered this tournament since 2015. The Eagles need to beat Canada, the other North American competitor. Unless World Rugby expands the U20 Trophy tournament to include twelve-teams (with two from North America), the two-game Canadian series will always represent a barrier to the USA’s participation in future U20 events.