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In between games at the USA 7s in Las Vegas you might have noticed a team of dancers.

The USA 7s Girls, as they are officially known, battle long days and the elements to entertain the crowd through the weekend. They are an enormously hard-working group, and caught up with their captain, Kimie Seta to ask about this important part of the event.

Seta is a professional dancer, as are all the USA 7s Girls. She cheers for the Las Vegas Locos, a local football team, and is also part of an all-female hip-hop team. She also dances in nightclubs. As the captain of the group she recruits and trains the team, and choreographs the routines.

And she’s the boss, there’s  no doubt about that (her older brother is a US Marine, so it runs in the family).

“I know all the dancers really well, most of us cheer for the Locos, and they are amazing to work with,” Seta told “We started practicing on Monday, and worked two hours each day. We did promos and the parade, and everything went really well. Everyone’s real professional; when we didn’t have a ballroom to practice in we made it work.”

Actually what they did was train right outside the players’ meal room.

Over time, the USA 7s rugby event has become a desirable job for the dancers.

“I don’t know if I should say this, but rugby makes all other sports look like pansie-asses,” she said. “They don’t have pads, they tackle each other. It’s amazing. What I also love about it is how diverse the game is. People can come from all different countries and support their teams and there are no fights, everyone gets along. Being a proud American and a proud Samoan, I can cheer for both countries and no one looks at me sideways. It’s great.”

Seta said her entire family comes to the USA 7s to watch the rugby and watch her dance.

She hopes to be back next year.

“People talk about it more, there’s a great buzz about the USA 7s,” she said. “At the beginning people didn’t really know what it was, but now everyone has heard of the USA 7s. I think this event gets the best response from the local Vegas community, which is hard to do because everyone’s into gambling. I know that this is my most favorite event.”