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The Eagles went 3-0 in the opening round of the Kitakyushu Sevens in Japan. They scored easy wins against England 45-7 and Fiji 31-15, finishing with a narrow victory against Ireland 15-12.

That's the good news. The not so good news is that after France upset New Zealand in pool play, the Eagles will meet the Black Ferns in the quarterfinals.

New Zealand not only lost to France (29-7) but also were tied by Russia (17-17). Remember, this team won the first three tournaments and is ranked number one in the world. France's win broke a 38-match win streak. 

The Eagles try scoring was spread among the entire squad as follows:

Player  England           Fiji       Ireland       Total

Kelter         2                1            1                    4

Fa'avesi      1               1                                  2

Thomas      1               1                                 2

Tapper        2                                                  2

Emba          1                                                   1

Maher                          1                                   1

Heavirland                 1                                  1

Kirshe                                         1                   1

Cannett Oca                              1                  1

The USA v. NZ is at 10:52  and streamed live on