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Trophy in front of Brooklyn Bridge

The William Web Ellis Rugby World Cup Trophy spent two-days in New York without a single reference in any New York newspaper. How to explain that the third most viewed sports event on the planet (#1 FIFA’s four-year tournament, #2 Summer Olympics) did not even merit a two-line squib?

Although the American rugby community is excited about the All Blacks’ game this Saturday at sold-out Soldier’s Field, Chicago, and the broadcast on NBC (Commences 2:30 p.m. Central Time), the RWC 2015 generated scant media interest in Manhattan.

A trophy by itself is probably not much of crowd generator, and rugby, a minor sport in the USA athletic firmament, cannot command the attention or attendance of, say, hockey’s Stanley Cup or the NFL’s Vince Lombardi trophy

We anticipate that the media in Chicago will react differently because it hosts the game. The trophy arrives tomorrow Wednesday and will make an appearance at Saturday's contest.