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It’s eleven months until the beginning of the 2019 RWC in Japan, and not too early to place a wager on the winner.  As in the past, there is one clear favorite, New Zealand, and many other mid and long-range prices for most of the other possible competitors. Here are the UK bookies average odds on the outcome.

New Zealand (1-1) – In eight World Cups, the All Blacks have won three finals and lost one. They have appeared in the finals in fifty percent of the past tournaments. Since winning the 2015 RWC, their second RWC win in a row, the Kiwis have lost once to Australia, South Africa, and Ireland.  (And a loss to the Lions, also.)

The Bet:  At 1-1 – called a “stick” in thoroughbred racing – the wager pays little for the investment. The All Blacks have not made the final round in half of the past RWCs, so it’s possible they could be knocked out in the quarter final or semi final round.

Ireland (4-1) –  The key fact to remember is that Ireland have never advanced further then the round of eight in all past tournament, the only one of the four Home Countries to be shut out of the first four placements.

The Bet: Ireland are the second betting favorite because of their current second place ranking in World Rugby. They won the Six Nations in 2018 handily. Only if the odds rose higher, would Ireland deserve a wager on taking the crown. Critical match this November in Dublin against the All Blacks.

England (7-1), South Africa (9-1), and Australia (10-1) - All past RWC winners and, potentially, possible repeaters.

The Bet:  The odds are fair for a decent pay out but the question is which of the three will rise to the RWC occasion? That’s the rub. England will meet the All Blacks this November 3 for their only match since the RWC 2015. Australia and South Africa achieved single wins against the All Blacks.

Wales (18-1), France (25-1), Argentina (30-1), and Scotland (33-1) - The long shots. Wales and Argentina finished third on one occasion each. These fifteens are capable of defeating all of the four past RWC winners once, but can they beat two top sides in the same tournament? France have lost three Cup finals.

The Bet:  Big payouts for the higher odds teams. Equitable risk and reward wagers on any of the four nations. 

USA (1,000 – 1) A bad bet for those who want to throw good money away.