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NYAC flanker James Denise helped take down a thief that had been targeting his family business, and he did it in classic rugby fashion.

The suspect had been repeatedly stealing from the Denise family business, Central Supply, a masonry supply company in Passaic, NJ.

He had been caught on camera, but the company was told it was best to catch him in the act. This was done earlier this month, when Denise and company employees, including brother Ben, who plays for Morris Rugby Club, saw the suspect coming and placed themselves in position to catch him.

The perpetrator was confronted after stealing, and ran into the street. That's where Denise was waiting. The NYAC flanker raced across the street and tackled the thief from the side and thumped him into a parked car.

"It was a simple case of cutting down the angle," said Denise with a slight smile. "It was like tracking a wing down."

The perpetrator was arrested.

Below is video of the incident.