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Charlotte Caslick

The Australian Women, gold medal winners in Rio 2017, will compete in Pool C in Dubai this week, starting Thursday, which means they will face the USA Eagles. Player for player, the Wallaroos comprise a talented side of sevens experts who combine savvy, skill, and speed.

They will be led by Charlotte Caslick, Aussie Women’s 7s Payer of the Year, who was also nominated as World Rugby’s 2015 Player of the Year. She is a prolific try scorer, and excels at defense.


December 1 - Australia vs South Africa

December 1 - Australia vs Russia

December 2 - Australia vs USA


Sharni Williams (c)

Shannon Parry (c)

Chloe Dalton

Tiana Penitani

Brooke Anderson

Georgie Friedrichs

Emilee Cherry

Charlotte Caslick

Emma Sykes

Alicia Quirk

Mahalia Murphy

Emma Tonegato


A = England, Spain, Canada, Brazil

B = New Zealand, Ireland, France, Fiji

C = Australia, USA, Russia, South Africa