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The 1984 Women’s National Championship saw Florida State University defeat Beantown 11-6 to avenge their loss in the 1983 championship to this same Boston XV.  The match was played in Oakbrook, Illinois, a perfectly organized tournament with teams wearing numbers, immaculately lined fields, refreshments for the spectators, and excellent refereeing under the aegis of Peter Jones. (NB – Florida State, for many years, allowed alumnae and locals to play for the team.)

Geographically representative teams started the event, including, Texas A & M, Cal Berkeley, Chicago, New Orleans, Iowa State, in addition to the two Eastern sides, Beantown and FSU. These perennial powerhouses scored impressive victories to reach the final games. Beantown outscored earlier opponents 60-3, while FSU went 50-6 in their two wins.

The showdown was a well-played game, matching the two best programs in the USA. Both sides were well drilled in offense and defense, the small margin of difference going to FSU’s aggressive back line speed and sure ball handling.

Beantown led 6-3 at the half. FSU rallied for eight points in the second half, the clinching try coming from a Candi Orsini 55-meter run.

The 1984 National Women’s All-Star Select Side:

  • Mary Moynahan, Beantown
  • Mary Money, Beantown
  • Vicki McCartney, Chicago
  • Julie Silverstein, Chicago
  • Kathy Kojm, FSU
  • Morgan Whitehead, Chicago
  • Kerri Heffernan, Beantown
  • Paula Cabot, UC Berkeley
  • Mary Holmes, FSU
  • Tanya Frye, Iowa State
  • Becky Richter, UC Berkeley
  • Candi Orsini, FSU
  • Sherry Edwards, Iowa State
  • Vicki Bowlin, FSU
  • Polly Foureman, New Orleans

From this championship game, Kathy Flores and Candi Orsini from FSU would go on to become USA Eagles, and later, named US Rugby Hall of Famers. Kerri Heffernan would captain the Eagles, and become Head Coach for Brown University’s Women. In addition, Heffernan heads up the newly formed Women’s Rugby Leadership Council.