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The seventh National Women’s Rugby Championship in 1985 was won by defending champion Florida State who beat the top seeded Pacific Coast team, the San Diego Surfers by a score of 12-6. The tournament was held in San Francisco Golden Gate Park, the first Women’s Nationals to be decided on the West Coast,

Florida State was led by player-coaches Cathy Flores and Candy Orsini, who would both go on to coach the USA Women’s National Team, and be inducted in the USA Rugby Hall of Fame.

The two-day playoff included the top two teams form the four Territorial Unions: Beantown, Florida State, Chicago, Texas A & M, San Diego Surfers, Belmont Shore, New Orleans, and Minnesota. The win represented the fourth national tournament victory for the Seminoles, while Beantown had won twice, and Belmont Shore once. Previously that year, Florida State won the Eastern Rugby Union championship.

The winners opened with a 20-0 shutout against Belmont Shore, a second-round whitewash of Minnesota 12-0, and then the final victory 12-6 against the Surfers. San Diego looked strong in the first half going ahead 6-0 with two penalties from Chris Harjue. FSU scored a try on a blocked kick. At halftime, the Surfers were up 6-4. Florida State scored two more unconverted tries in the second period to end the match at 12-6.

The President’s XV Selection

  1. Karen Lang, Minn.
  2. Patti Purcell, Chi.
  3. Sheila Hill, FSU
  4. Kathy Kojm, FSU (And MVP)
  5. Lori Reese, Minn.
  6. Jackie Watts, FSU
  7. Lisa Patefield, Minn.
  8. Cathy Flores, FSU
  9. Kim Colweck, Chi.
  10. Jill Goldberg, Belmont
  11. Candy Orsini, FSU
  12. Deb Ahrens, Minn.
  13. Micki McVann, Beantown
  14. Suzi Arnsdorff, Chi.
  15. Pat Standley, Chi.