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The United States Women’s Rugby Foundation (USWRF) is pleased to announce the inauguration of the Women’s Rugby Coaches and Referees Association (WRCRA), which is the professional organization for women’s rugby coaches and referees from all levels of play. In recognition of the vast network of support that sustains women’s rugby, WRCRA is open to all coaches, referees, players, administrators, journalists and fans. 

WRCRA has two main goals:

  • Support women rugby coaches and referees in all aspects of professional development, as a means to advance the sport of rugby for girls and women
  • Increase the number of female coaches, referees, administrators and journalists at all levels of rugby

The organization will achieve these goals by providing members: professional skills training, mentorship, networking, access to job postings, and access to and feedback on professional pathways. WRCRA will also rely on partnerships or associations with a wide range of organizations, including USA Rugby, Atavus, The Alliance of Women Coaches, The Positive Coaching Alliance, and The Female Brain Project. 

WRCRA will host an annual national convention bringing together the women's rugby community to discuss best practices in an effort to ensure that girls and women in the US can take equal part in and benefit from all aspects of the game of rugby.

To learn more about WRCRA and its membership, visit


Established in 2017, the Women’s Rugby Coaches and Referees Association is the professional organization for women’s rugby coaches and referees from all levels of play, and membership is extended to the vast network of support that includes players, administrators, journalists and fans. For more information, visit or contact WRCRA Committee Chair Kerrissa Heffernan, [email protected].


Founded in 2005, the US Women’s Rugby Foundation is committed to fostering and sustaining the growth of girls and women’s rugby. USWRF is a non-profit organization. For more information, visit or contact USWRF Chair Danita Knox, [email protected].