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Thursday at the Las Vegas International in the Women’s Elite Division saw each side play two matches, with one more pool match happening Friday morning. The heaviest-hitters in the group—the USA and Canadian development sides—have so far lived up to expectations.

The Falcons and Maple Leafs are both in an excellent position heading into the second day. Both are 2-0 and have looked strong in their wins.

Falcons coach Emilie Bydwell said, “We are focused on the process, and if we get the process right we’ll get the results.” The staff is focusing on “Having an environment that they can express themselves in and give them the confidence for the World Series. We won’t to replicate the World Series environment,” said Bydwell.

One of the other 2-0 teams is Scion Rugby who were able to pull Jillion Potter into the squad. “I’m having a great time. I feel healthy enough to play. Make every day count. I wanted to be surrounded by teammates and fellow ruggers and the positivity they bring. It’s a beautiful day to play rugby.” When asked about the Scion squad, Potter replied, “They are enthusiastic and have a good attacking shape.” Potter also commented on what might happen this weekend for the USA women: “I’m expecting the USA will really excel and build on Sydney, continue building on their strengths.”

Atavus is also 2-0. After a close opening match against That first match against Stars Red, “Almost gave me a heart attack. I’m really impressed and proud of the team,” said coach Matt Trouville. Kristine Sommer started the tournament well, and captain Megan Sanders was a vocal leader while Teigan Macdonald provided the finishing pace.

Play kicks off Friday at 8:00am local time, 11:00am EST.

Women's Elite
US Falcons2050545
Florida RDA1126179
Arukas Queens113640-4
Stars Blue11757-50
Maple Leafs20511239
Northeast ODA1133249
Phoenix 7s02086-86
WR Ravens20582632
Stars Red023442-8
SD Surfers021265-53
Scion Sirens2059059
Team Quebec111426-12
US Air Force021048-38