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England Qualifies

Mais oui, the French are delighted with the results of the Women's Amsterdam 7s tournament, as rival England qualified for the 2016 Rio Olympics, and will not play France in the European qualifier.

Les Bleues should have an easy road to secure an Olympic place with only Spain having an upset chance. The Spanish defeated champion New Zealand in the London tournament. If eight teams play in the European contest, the field might come from: France, Spain, Russia, Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Georgia, or Portugal.

The USA women will play in the NACRA qualifier in Cary, North Carolina, June 15 along side the USA Men. The Women Eagles are considered the favorites to secure the North American regional spot. Since Canada already made it into the top four 7s spots, competition might come from Mexico, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and other, smaller nations.

The CONSUR, or South American qualifier is wide open, with teams coming from Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, and five other countries. Brazil as the host nation, was guaranteed a placement, and is the only side from South America that played this year in the six city Women’s circuit.

The Asian, or ARFU, event will occur November 8 in Hong Kong. China, a regular contestant on 2015's program, will meet Japan, India, Kazakhstan, Phillippines, and other fillers.

Oceania, or FORU, will play in Auckland, New Zealand, on November 15. Fiji, which played competitively this year, will meet Samoa, Tonga, and smaller Pacific islands.

Finally, also on November 15, the African or CAR event will be played in Johannesburg, South Africa. The hosts are the favorites to win this event, playing against Kenya, Namibia, and other African nations.

After completing these six regional tournaments, a final repechage with date to be determined will decide the 12th Olympic spot. Look for a European side to win this finale.

(Note, that the Men's qualifying follows the same dates and venues as the Women.)