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Aussies Celebrate Win

With the end of the World Ruby Women’s Sevens’ event last weekend in Brazil, it is clear that Australia are this year’s dominant team with back-to-back wins in Dubai and Sao Paulo. These powerful Wallaroos total 40 points, 12 higher than New Zealand and Canada, tied for second place, and far behind with 28 points.

Australia beat Canada 29-0 for the title, keeping up a skein of shutouts in the tournament. The players are big and strong, and possess the ability to find openings for scores. And, their defense is outstanding.

The Eagles rebounded from a dismal 11th placement in Dubai, to finish fourth after losing to New Zealand 24-0 for the third place bronze medal. It was the second loss to the Black Ferns in the event. The shutout came after being overwhelmed by Australia 34-0 in the Cup semi-final game. The Eagles garnered 14 points (18 is the new total) to rise tied with Fiji for 7th place in the standings.

But the An/Zac drubbing of the USA in the last two matches – zero points for and 58 point against – cries out for future improvement.

In sum, the Eagles went 3-3 in Brazil with a fine win over England in the Cup quarter-finals.

Coach Julie McCoy must rethink strategy, with the home, and third series, coming to Atlanta April 8th and 9th.