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Cody Schmelter photo

The Women’s Elite division at the Las Vegas Invitational featured two round of games this afternoon. Seven teams opened the competition with records of 2-0 ensuring that day two will be an incredibly competitive affair.

The USA Selects, which is made of up mostly the Eagles squad and coached by Eagles coach Jules McCoy, impressed in their first two matches. The Eagles blanked Brazil 36-0 in their first match and defeated Stars Rugby II 40-5 in the second game. Kristen Thomas dotted down several times as the Selects cruised to victory.

USA’s neighbors to the North dominated opponents on day one as well. The Maple Leafs blanked both the Northeast ODA and the Atlantis while scoring 88 points.

Team Great Britain, the Atavus All Stars, South Africa, Stars Rugby I, and the France Selects all finished the day undefeated.

Pool play will continue tomorrow with a number of undefeated teams matching up. These games will determine the final eight to advance to the cup quarters.

France Select 7s12Scion Sirens0
Japan Select 7s29Florida RDA0
USA Select 7s36Brazil Women's 7's0
South Africa Select46Stars Rugby 20
GB Select40Rugby Quebec5
Atavus All-Stars14Mexico Select 7s0
Maple Leafs54Atlantis0
Stars Rugby 17Northeast ODA5
France Select 7s45Florida RDA0
Japan Select 7s24Scion Sirens26
USA Select 7s40Stars Rugby 25
South Africa Select12Brazil Women's 7's5
GB Select14Mexico Select 7s0
Atavus All-Stars24Rugby Quebec14
Maple Leafs34Northeast ODA0
Stars Rugby 124Atlantis15