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The USA Women’s 7s Team kicked off the first week of September 2014 by hosting the Brazilian Women’s National Team at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA.  The teams played three matches on Monday and three on Thursday.  These matches served as a warm up for the Brazilian National Team in their journey to compete for one of four core spots on the 2014/2015 IRB Women’s World Series Circuit in Hong Kong September 12 -14. 

USA 7s Head Coach Ric Suggitt commented that there is great delight in inviting teams out to the World Class Olympic Training Center.  “It’s a great facility here in Chula Vista and it provides an opportunity for teams like Brazil to see what we have and provide an exchange of competition that helps grow the women’s game globally.”  He added,  “It makes the whole game better for all of us.”  His objective was to provide good preparation and a great environment for Brazil going into the World Series qualifier.  “On the return, it provided an opportunity for us to see some of our newest players take a run at rugby for the first time in conjunction with some of our veteran players.  It was a great gauge of where we are in this training phase, coming off of a 12 week functional strength phase.  It was a struggle for us, but it was meant to be a struggle.”

Coach Suggitt was satisfied with the scrimmage , noting that it allowed him to see the challenges that will be the focus as he and his staff prepare the team for the 2014/2015 World Series Circuit.   

Brazil finished 6th at the Hong Kong qualifier this past weekend and, as a result, will not compete as a core team in the 2014/2015 World Series Circuit.  As the host country of the 2016 Olympics, Brazil is automatically qualified. 

Monday, September 1 Results:

Game 1: USA 0 - Brazil 22

Game 2: USA  21 - Brazil 17

Game 3: USA 24 - Brazil 10

Thursday, September 4 Results:

Game 1: USA 14 - Brazil 14

Game 2: USA 19 - Brazil 10

Game 3: USA 40 - Brazil 10