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The USA Women achieved another three-win clean sheet in the opening day of the HSBC Sevens in Biarritz, France. The Eagles defeated China (36-5), Fiji (14-12), and a final win (19-7) against undefeated France.

The team will face Russia tomorrow morning. The game is on You Tube, streaming at 5:22 a.m. ET.

The eight-quarter finalists are:

Australia v Spain

USA v Russia

Canada v France

New Zealand v China

The final match was against a French side that won their first two pool games 29-0 against Fiji and 36-0 versus China.  It also marked the return for the USA of Alev Kelter, who had been red carded in Canada, and was making a French tournament debut.

The French wore stylish uniforms with a red and blue 7 emblazoned on the side.

The USA scored first with Emba breaking away and touching under the posts. Kelter converted and the Eagles lead 7-0 at the break. The USA's defense was tenacious with France bottled up in their own territory for most of the first period.

In the second half, Kirshe notched a try, putting the Eagles up 12-0. Then, Doyle scored on a nifty dummy and, Kelter again converted to make it 19-0.

The French scored at the end, which resulted in another poor tackle from Kelter and a second Yellow card. The double yellow meant a mandatory red card. 

Kudos to the squad as it enters the second day.