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The European Six Nations Women’s championship concluded last week with England winning the title via a Grand Slam (5-0) defeating the other five nations.  The result bodes well for the Red Roses who will defend their Rugby World Cup title, which they won in Paris in 2014, this August when the WRWC kicks off mid-August in Ireland.

The USA and Canadian Women enjoy no such annual tune up competition, a serious shortfall of useful Test matches where international experience is vital for team improvement.  The need to give Eagle players top flight games is made even more imperative considering that several of the Women’s fifteen squad also play sevens.

Although World Rugby organized the American Rugby Championship (ARC) two-years ago for the USA to play matches yearly against five other American sides (Canada, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina XV, a lesser talented side), no such competition exists yet for the women in these countries.

To that end, the two-game match play this week against Canada provides an opportunity for Eagles team cohesion, and, importantly, for the USA's sevens’ players to transfer different skills to the fifteen’s game.

Women's Eagles
1. Tiffany Faaee (C) 
2. Kathryn Augustyn 
3. Catherine Benson 
4. Stacey Bridges 
5. Alycia Washington 
6. Christiane Pheil 
7. Nicole Strasko 
8. Jordan Gray 
9. Joanne Fa'avesi 
10. Megan Foster 
11. Naya Tapper 
12. Sylvia Braaten (VC) 
13. Alev Kelter 
14. Kristen Thomas 
15. Jess Wooden

16. Joanna Kitlinski 
17. Naima Reddick 
18. Jamila Reinhardt 
19. Molly Kinsella 
20. Sara Parsons 
21. Annakaren Pedraza 
22. Kayla Canett 
23. Nicole Heavirland


v. Canada - Tuesday, March 28 @ 7 p.m. ET 
v. Canada - Saturday, April 1 @ 6 p.m. ET