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Eric Hipp In for a try against Cal

Game of the Day: University of California, Berkeley vs. University of California, Davis

After losing two games to UC Berkeley in the previous season, on January 31 UC Davis defeated this Pacific Mountain Conference opponent 52-10. The win for UC Davis came after a difficult loss against Stanford University the previous weekend with a final tally of 12-14.

Rebecca Graff, the Social Media Chair of UC Davis Women’s Rugby, said, “Many people didn’t expect anything of us this season. Primarily because we are a team comprised 80% of first and second years, with almost half of our starting lineup being rookies, who are completely new to the game. We’ve proved to the rugby community that this is only the beginning of our incredible season. We are so excited to continue our work throughout the spring.”

The Women’s Division I matchup took place at the Berkeley Golden Bears home and was the team’s first league game win of the 2015 season. Match highlights for UC Davis include six total conversions by first year, wing Becca Lehman.

 UC Davis Coach, Gary Allan Gordon, commented after the game, “Our efforts on the field have totally exceeded our expectations. Our game opened up as we created many spaces for beautiful runs. We have really good feelings about next week against Chico State and we’re excited to see where this season takes us as we continue building a formidable force.”

On February 7 UC Davis will be on the road again to face their next opponent, California State University, Chico.

Weekend roundup:

Women’s Division I


North Carolina State 74 vs 10 East Carolina U

U North Carolina 29 vs 10 U Virginia

James Madison U 40 vs 17 Mary Washington U

Pacific Mountain

Stanford 52 vs 0 CSU, Chico

UC Berkley 10 vs 52 UC Davis

U of Oregon 66 vs U of Washington

Arizona State U 12 vs 23 UC Santa Barbara

UC San Diego 30 vs 12 UCLA

South Independent

Florida State 0 vs 90 Life

U Florida 67 vs 10 Georgia Tech

Women’s Division II

Capital Collegiate

UNC Charlotte 15 vs 25 Appalachian State

College of Charleston 29 vs 12 UNC Wilmington


Florida Atlantic U 74 vs 5 U Miami

South Independent

U Alabama 19 vs 10 Emory

Clemson 0 vs 49 Lee

Georgia Southern 5 vs 63 Kennesaw State U

Southern California

Occidental 0 vs CA 69 Long Beach State

UC Irvine 19 vs 25 CA State U Northridge

U Southern CA 22 vs 37 Riverside

West Coast

Fresno State 56 vs 17 St. Mary’s

U Nevada Reno 20 vs 59 Sac State