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With the conclusion of the last tournament in Biarritz, France, World Rugby announced a list of awards for the Women’s outstanding performances.

  • Gilbert Try Scorer – Amee Leigh Murphy Crowe, Ireland (35)
  • Rookie of the Year – Lide Erbina, Spain
  • Fair Play (Team) – New Zealand
  • TAG Heuer Don’t Crack Under Pressure -Ghislaine Landry, Canada
  • DHL Impact Player – Alena Mikhaltsova, Russia
  • Capgemini Coach of the Year – Chris Brown, USA
  • UL Mark of Excellence – France

Dream Team Season – The HSBC Dream Team for 2018/2019 are: Sarah Hirini (New Zealand), Brittany Benn (Canada), Ruby Tui (New Zealand), Tyla Nathan-Wong (New Zealand), Ghislaine Landry (Canada), Amee-Leigh Murphy Crowe (Ireland) and Anne-Cecile Ciofani (France).

Biarritz Final

The tournament attracted 9,000 attendees for the two days. Originally, the Women were scheduled to play the series finale in Paris with the Men at Stade Jean Bouin like last year. But the French Rugby Federation decided to move it to the famous seaside resort. Perhaps next year it will attract more spectators as both a rugby contest and as a sunny destination.

Dream Team Biarritz

The USA dominated the French event with three players selected. The team follows:

Cheta Emba, USA

Ruby Tui, NZ

Kris Thomas, USA

Lide Erbina, Spain

Tyla Nathan-Wong, NZ

Charlotte Caslick, Australia

Lauren Doyle, USA

Points Changes This Season and Last

The USA achieved the highest increase in average points for the six-match season, rising 5.5 points over the five-game average last year. Australia incurred the deepest drop, falling to 14.3 points, down 4.1 points from the 2017/2018 season. (Gold = 20, points, Silver = 18, Bronze = 16, and fourth = 14). Data follow:

Team              2017/18          2018/2019       +/-

NZ                     18.0                 18.3                   +.3

USA                   11.2                 16.7                 +5.5    

Canada            12.0                 15.7                 +3.7

Australia          18.4                 14.3                 -4.1

France              13.6                 11.7                 -1.9