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Photo - Courtesy USA Rugby

The Eagles advanced into the quarterfinal round in the HSBC World Rugby Women's Sevens in the Langford, British Columbia, Canada, tournament via 2-1 an opening day performance from two uncommon match outcomes.

The USA opened the tournament’s first game with a 21-19 victory over an English side that has underformed all year. Both teams scored three tries, but the three conversions by Kelter (2) and Heavirland (1) spelled the difference as the Red Roses only converted two. The USA were up 14-12 at the break.

In the second match against the current number one ranked team, New Zealand, the game proved to be the low scoring defensive struggle of the season as the Black Ferns triumphed 7-0. The game was tied 0-0 at the half with neither side able to cross the try line, an unusual occurrence for sevens play, especially among these dynamic, high scoring sides.

The final game pitted the USA against a young, inexperienced team from the Netherlands. Eight years ago the Netherlands played competitive matches in Las Vegas, the side then made up of tall and athletic players but that represented the apogee of the nation's rugby sevens performance. In Langford, the USA trounced the Dutch 57-0 in a nine try route with a returned-to-action Javelet and Tapper scoring two scores each.

The Eagles will play Australia at 1:52 ET on Sunday.