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Photo: Courtesy Quinnipiac Coach

Game of the Day: 7s Harvard vs. Quinnipiac

The Connecticut-based Quinnipiac Bobcats hosted the Harvard Crimson this past Saturday at noon. The series of 7s matches were a new undertaking for the Bobcats who traditionally play 15s. The Crimson came up short in the three matches, which included each competitor’s A and B Sides. These games were held as a fundraiser for the Austin Hill Project, a charity dedicated to a boy battling Cystic Fibrosis (CF).

“The weekend's matchup brought great weather, support and great rugby out to Hamden, CT. The day was less about the game than it was for the cause that brought our two NCAA programs together. Over the last two months, the Austin Hill Project has raised over $8,000 for Austin and his family,” said Becky Carlson, the Head Coach of Quinnipiac.

Each match was held with seven players per team with two, seven-minute halves for a total of three games. Before the match took place both universities wore shirts dedicated to Austin and in good spirit the Quinnipiac A and B side’s took on nicknames ‘Team Hillin’ It’ and ‘Austin-Tacious.’ Quinnipiac’s A Side went 2-0 with final tallies of 27 vs. 21 and 46 vs. 5, whereas the B Side game was a Bobcat win at 39 vs. 0.

“We were grateful to Harvard for making the trip and for their enthusiasm both on and off the pitch. QU is in its infancy in 7s and with Harvard as a newer NCAA program, it was a great experience for both teams,” continued Carlson.

Harvard’s next match will be at Princeton on April 18 for the Ivy 7s Rugby Championship.

To learn more about the Austin Hill Project visit

Weekend Roundup

Women’s Division II

Capital Collegiate

American 52 vs. 19 Towson

Mary Washington 57 vs. 24 Virginia Commonwealth

Empire Upstate

Buffalo State College 37 vs. 15 SUNY Buffalo


Florida International 20 vs. 0 Florida Atlantic*

Florida International 70 vs. 10 Florida Atlantic*


Vassar 68 vs. 0 SUNY New Paltz

Vassar 32 vs. 24 SUNY New Paltz


Chicago 24 vs. 22 Wisconsin

West Chester 7 vs.17 Northern Virginia Women’s Rugby Club (corrected score)

Saint Mary’s 5 vs. 77 George Washington

Denison 70 vs. 19 Kenyon


Davenport 52 vs. 0 Michigan

West Chester 66 vs. 3 Bloomsburg

Princeton 10 vs. 43 Army

Pennsylvania A Side 5 vs. 5 Drexel A Side

Pennsylvania A Side 10 vs. 12 Drexel A Side

Pennsylvania B Side 25 vs. 0 Drexel B Side

Pennsylvania B Side 25 vs. 0 Drexel B Side


Ohio Wesleyan’s 7s Tournament


Baldwin Wallace


Winner: Ohio Wesleyan

Colorado State 7s

#1 Air Force A

#2 Utah State

# 3Colorado State

#4 Idaho State

#5 Montana State

#6 University of Colorado (Boulder)

#7 University of Wyoming

#8 Western State Colorado University

#9 Air Force B

#10 University of Northern Colorado

Quinnipiac 7s

Harvard A Side 21 vs. 27 Quinnipiac A Side

Harvard A Side 5 vs. 46 Quinnipiac A Side

Harvard B Side 0 vs. 39 Quinnipiac B Side

Yale Classic**

Pool A:

Boston B Side

Massachusetts, Amherst A Side


Pool B:

Boston A Side

Massachusetts, Amherst B Side

Southern Connecticut State


Yale 22 vs. 0 Southern Connecticut State

Yale 0 vs. 22 Massachusetts, Amherst A Side

Yale 10 vs. 5 Boston B Side

Final: Boston A Side 7 vs. 10 Massachusetts, Amherst A Side

*Florida Atlantic forfeited because of numbers but scrimmaged

**Not all scores reported

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