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Maine Cup Winners 2015

Game of the Day: Bowdoin vs. Colby

A variety of teams played in the Maine College Rugby Championship, also known as the Maine Cup. Bowdoin took first place in the tournament and had a particularly fierce match against Colby, with a 33-12 final tally.

In the first half, Colby dominated in terms of possession and territory, led by All-American Jade Enright. Eventually two of Bowdoin’s wingers put trys on the board, Enright followed with another try but then Bowdoin kept the points coming. By the second half Bowdoin was ahead and was able to maintain the lead until the end of the game.

Rather than having just one star player, Bowdoin put points on the board with many teammates: Juliette Dankens, Charlotte Kleiman, Cristina Lima and Kendall Schutzer. Bowdoin’s team was missing 11 of their fall teammates with many studying abroad and participating in the spring season of track and field. Therefore its team is currently made up of first year players and sophomores.

MaryBeth Matthews, the Head Coach of Women’s Rugby at Bowdoin College, said, “The spring season for me is always about player development and safety; all team members, but especially the newer ones need to practice not just their ball skills but more importantly, their game awareness, footwork and body positioning for safe contact.  With a mixture of 7s and 15s in the short spring season we have in New England, we look to maximize their participation in rugby for optimal results.”

Players selected to the spring season’s Maine All-Tournament team were Vianney Gomezgil Yaspik at #1/prop, Emily Athanas-Linden at #9/scrumhalf, Dankens at #11/left wing, Katie Doherty at #13/outside center, and senior Kleiman at #14/right wing.

Weekend Roundup

Women’s Division I

ACRA Division I 7s Championship 2015*

Harvard 12 vs. 29 Army

Norwich 7 vs. 14 Army

Army 19 vs. 7 Harvard

Army 52 vs. 0 Navy

Harvard 26 vs. 5 Navy

Harvard 12 vs. 20 American International College


Army 22 vs. 7 Norwich

#1 Army

#2 Norwich

#3 American International College

Teams named to compete in the USA Rugby’s College 7s Championship on May 23-24

Air Force


Central Washington

Humboldt State

James Madison


Montana State

North Carolina

Penn State





Texas Tech

UC Davis


Rocky Mountain 7s

Brigham Young 43 vs. 0 Western State

Brigham Young 59 vs. 0 Colorado State

Brigham Young 52 vs. 0 Montana


Brigham Young 37 vs. 0 Air Force

#1 Brigham Young

#2 Air Force

#3 Montana State

#4 Colorado State

#5 Western Colorado State

Texas 7s Qualifier for USA College 7s hosted by North Texas*

Texas Tech


Texas A&M

Sam Houston


Texas 31 vs. 28 Texas Tech

Women’s Division II

ACRA Division II 7s Championship 2015*


Vassar 10 vs. 10 Kutztown

Vassar 5 vs. 26 Stonehill

Vassar 12 vs. 19 Army B

St. Anslem vs. Stony Brook

Davenport 17 vs. 0 St. Anslem

Davenport 43 vs. 0 Stony Brook

Davenport 43 vs. 12 Bloomsburg

Davenport 17 vs. 0 St. Anslem

Kutztown 33 vs. 0 Stonehill

Kutztown 15 vs. 12 Army B

Pool A        W-L-T

1. Kutztown 2-0-1

2. Stonehill 2-1-0

3. Army B 1-2-0

4. Vassar 0-2-1

Pool B         W-L-T

1. Davenport 3-0-0

2. Bloomsburg 2-1-0

3. St. Anselm's 1-2-0

4. Stony Brook 0-3-0


Vassar  24 vs. 0 Stony Brook

Vassar 19 vs. 7 St. Anslem

Kutztown 12 vs. 19 Bloomsburg


St. Anselm 7 vs. 19 Vassar


Davenport 34 vs. 14 Stonehill

Kutztown 10 vs. 12 Stonehill


Davenport 31 vs. 10 Bloomsburg

#1 Davenport

#2 Bloomsburg

#3 Stonehill College

#4 Kutztown

#6 St. Anslem College

Women’s NSCRO

7s National Championship


Pool A

William & Mary 0 vs. 46 Wayne State

Endicott College 27 vs. 7 Ohio Wesleyan

Wayne State 27 vs. 0 Endicott

William & Mary 55 vs. 0 Ohio Wesleyan

William & Mary 22 vs. 15 Endicott

Pool B

Mount St. Mary’s 28 vs. 5 Simpson

Minnesota State Moorhead (win) vs. Tiffin

Minnesota State Moorhead 10 vs. 19 Mount St. Mary’s

Simpson 32 vs. 5 Tiffin

Mount St. Mary’s 34 vs. 5 Tiffin

Minnesota State Moorhead 12 vs. 10 Simpson


Consolation Bracket

Ohio Wesleyan 17 vs. 19 Minnesota State Moorhead

Tiffin 12 vs. 5 Endicott

Endicott 0 vs. 22 Ohio Wesleyan

Minnesota State Moorhead 29 vs. 5 Tiffin

Championship Bracket

Mount St. Mary’s 15 vs. 12 William & Mary

Wayne State 20 vs. 0 Simpson

William & Mary 12 vs. 0 Simpson


Wayne State 24 vs. 17 Mount St. Mary’s

#1 Wayne State

#2 Mount St. Mary’s

#3 William & Mary

#4 Simpson

#5 Minnesota State Moorhead

#6 Tiffin

#7 Endicott

#8 Ohio Wesleyan

Club Competitions


Division II

Kansas 7 vs. 22 St. Louis Sabres


Hamilton 31 vs. 12 Cornell**


Maine College Rugby Championship*

Bowdoin 17 vs. 5 Maine-Orono

New England 68 vs. 0 Maine-Farmington

New England 15 vs. 12 Colby

Bowdoin 33 vs. 12 Colby

Winner: Bowdoin 

*Not all match scores included

** Prom dress match, 20 minutes x3

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