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Margaret Slattery

Game of the Day: Vassar College vs. Budapest Exiles Women

This year Vassar College’s women’s rugby team made their 14th overseas tour, a tradition that started back in the 1980s. The Brewers travels took them to Hungary this weekend where they defeated the Budapest Exiles in a final tally of 48-20. 

Head Coach Tony Brown commented, “It was a strong forward pack that started for the Brewers but there were a number of rookies in the backs that had only had a handful of games between them. Fortunately, fly-half Mary Margaret McElduff and fullback turned center Laila Blumenthal-Rothchild, brought shape and direction that allowed the freshmen to settle in.”

Early on in the match Vassar fell behind to an Exiles try, but quickly regrouped with two trys and a conversion kick from Mary Margaret McElduff. By half time Vassar was ahead with a score of 36-5; the Exiles were struggling due to some player injuries, causing the team to borrow a few Brewers. This provided the New York state team to give some of their rookies an opportunity to play with more experienced players; of particular note are Skye Damon and Sarah Mawhinney. 

A Vassar player who helped plan the tour, Sophia Rutkin, said, “When I studied abroad in Hungary, I played rugby for the Budapest Ladies Exiles. In doing so, I had the opportunity to meet an amazing group of women and to see the city through the eyes of the locals. The only drawback was that I never thought I would be able to bring them together with my other favorite group of amazing women, my team at Vassar. This tour has allowed me to do that and more…Both teams have a level of passion and heart that is remarkable, and although the Budapest Ladies have significantly less experience with 15s, they played their hearts out until the final whistle.” 

Vassar’s next match will take place on March 29 against Columbia University at noon. 

Weekend Roundup

Women’s Division I


Virginia Tech 66 vs. 5 James Madison

Virginia 60 vs. 5 Pittsburgh 

West Chester vs. (forfeit) North Carolina State

Women’s Division II


College of Charleston 22 vs. 10 South Carolina

UNC Chapel Hill vs. (forfeit) UNC Greensboro

UNC Chapel Hill 159 vs. 0 Maryland


South Florida vs. (forfeit) Miami

Florida International 51. vs. 5 Eckerd

Florida Gulf Coast vs. (forfeit) Florida Atlantic

Southern California

CSU Northridge 93 vs. 0 Occidental

West Coast

Sacramento State (forfeit) vs. Humboldt State

Women’s NSCRO


Kenyon College vs. (forfeit) Oberlin College


Budapest Exiles (forfeit) vs. Vassar College

Seattle Saracens 29 vs. 14 Central Washington


George Washington vs. (forfeit) Maryland Baltimore County

Lindenwood 15 vs. 6 Davenport

South Dakota 7 vs. 68 South Dakota State


Nash Bash* 

Women’s College Bracket Opry Division (Competitive)

Wittenberg 0 vs. 37 Western Michigan

Ashland 19 vs. 12 Western Michigan 

Northern Illinois 50 vs.0 Wittenberg 

Western Michigan 0 vs. 39 Louisiana State

Ferris State 33 vs. 0 Ashland

Alabama 31 vs. 0 Northern Michigan

Northern Illinois 19 vs. 7 Louisiana State

Ferris 17 vs. 14 Alabama 

Louisiana State 35 vs. 6 Alabama

Northern Illinois 34 vs. 5 Ferris

Winner: Northern Illinois

Women’s College Bracket Ryman Division (Social)

Kent 12 vs. 7 Wright 

Union College 15 vs. 0 Chicago 

Kent 20 vs. 0 Bowling Green State 

Truman State 47 vs. 10 Marquette

Loyola 5 vs. 10 Union College

Kent State 17 vs. 20 UT Chattanooga

Chicago 34 vs. 7 Bowling Green State 

Truman State 5 vs. 31 Central Michigan

Findlay 17 vs. 0 Marquette 

Loyola 7 vs. 22 Eastern Kentucky 

Wright State 15 vs. 0 Union College

UT Chattanooga 17 vs. 12 Chicago

Central Michigan 5 vs. 28 Findlay

Eastern Kentucky 14 vs. 12 Wright

UT Chattanooga 10 vs. 5 Findlay 

Eastern Kentucky 40 vs. 5 Truman State

UT Chattanooga 19 vs. 31 Eastern Kentucky

Winner: Eastern Kentucky

Ruggerfest Collegiate Participants:

American University


William & Mary

Catholic University of America

Mount St. Mary’s


#1 Dartmouth

#2 William & Mary

# American 

Spring Hill College 7s:

Spring Hill College 30 vs. 5 West Florida 

Spring Hill College 0 vs. 29 Tulane

Tulane 31 vs. West Florida 

Spring Hill 17 vs. 12 West Florida 

Tulane 26 vs. 21 West Florida 

Spring Hill 10 vs. 17 Tulane 


#1 Tulane

#2 Spring Hill College

#3 West Florida

*Not all games were reported

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