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Western Oregon vs. Oregon State

Game of the Day: Oregon State University vs. Oregon University

Over the weekend, the Oregon University Ducks took on state rival the Oregon State Beavers. The Division I, Pacific-Mountain Conference match was a big win for the Ducks with a final score of 41-5.

Oregon State’s Captain, Danielle Marie Riggleman, commented, “Playing the University of Oregon is always fun and competitive. We as a team prepare knowing that the game will be physical, which makes it fun. I am glad my last game at Oregon State was against Oregon, I just wish the outcome were different. I’m not disappointed in my team because everyone gave 100%. We are a family and fought until the end and that is all I can ask for as a captain and a teammate.”

In the first half, the Beavers were able to keep the Ducks from running up the score so that they were still behind, but only 19-5. Within the second half, the Ducks were holding the ball for the majority of playing time. Meanwhile the Beavers’ players various string of injuries did not improve their situation. Coach David Dickerson went through his entire roster of 23 girls, and still played the last seven minutes a player down.

Coach Dickerson said, “We were dangerous with some quick taps on penalties, that’s how we got our only try, and we were controlling our own scrums. But that’s about where the highlights end for us. Our ball handling was just terrible. Lots of missed passes, dropped balls, etc., which resulted in a lot of possession for the Ducks. When you have the ball 75% of the game, you’re going to score points.”

Oregon State’s next match will be against Central Washington University at their home field on March 7.

Weekend Roundup

Women’s Division I


George Washington vs. Maryland*


Oregon State 5 vs. 41 Oregon

UC Davis 33 vs. 14 Chico State

Arizona 54 vs. 38 UCLA

UC San Diego 25 vs. 7 UC Santa Barbara

Stanford 62 vs. 5 Cal

South Independent

Florida State 17 vs. 12 Georgia Techs

Central Florida 42 vs. 7 Florida

Women’s Division II

Capital Collegiate

Georgetown 27 vs. 0 William and Mary

South Carolina 97 vs. 0 Appalachian State

College of Charleston vs. (forfeit) Leon


Western Washington 19 vs. 23 Western Oregon

Washington State 19 vs. 39 Central Washington

Willamette vs. Pacific*


Eckerd College 10 vs. 0 Florida Atlantic

Sam Houston State 35 vs. 14 Texas Dallas

Texas State 10 vs. 62. Texas Christian**

South Independent

Tennessee Chattanooga 10 vs. 10 Lee

Emory 43 vs. 7 Georgia Southern

Southern California

California State Long Beach 22 vs. 10 Southern California

UC Riverside 50 vs. 3 Occidental

Claremont 15 vs. 35 UC Irvine

West Coast

Sacramento State 90 vs. 5 CSU Monterey Bay

Santa Clara 35 vs. 22 Fresno State

Inter-Conference/Division Scrimmages:

Spring Hill College 10 vs. 19 Alabama

*Scrimmage, no score kept

**Three games of 7s, combined score of all games