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Game of the Week - 10

Game of the Day: Pittsburgh vs. North Carolina State

In the second round of the Women’s Collegiate Division II Championships in the Mason-Dixon Conference, Pittsburgh fell to North Carolina State by two points. The final tally was 22-20 with a strong performance by the Pennsylvania-based team, which had only played one game prior to that weekend due to cancellations based on the weather.

Pittsburgh’s Forwards Captain, Jade Ayana Diamond, said, “It’s the toughest loss I've faced in a while but NC State gave us a great match and I'm impressed with the fight they put up. They challenged us the entire game and capitalized on our errors. We wish them the best in the rest of their season.”

North Carolina was the first team to score a try but Pittsburgh’s inside center Lydia Kenner was able to tie up the game by the half with a 5 vs. 5 score. In the second half Pittsburgh wasn’t able to maintain possession and North Carolina responded running up the score.

Diamond explained, “We've got a really young squad. With only three graduating seniors, we are so excited to build from this year and continue to move forward. Although every team wants to be at nationals come end of April, we realize that this year isn't our year. However, we have already began preparing for next year and will continue to work until we make it to the sweet 16.”

Pittsburgh will play next on April 18 at a tournament hosted by West Virginia; North Carolina State is finished for the season, except for an alumni match.

Weekend Roundup

Women’s Division I

Big Ten

Indiana 65 vs. 14 Grand Valley State


Virginia Tech 26 vs. 54 UNC Chapel Hill

Virginia Tech 5 vs. 48 Virginia

North Carolina 5 vs. 48 Virginia

Maryland 17 vs. 53 James Madison (corrected score)

West Chester 58 vs. 5 UNC Chapel Hill

West Chester 45 vs. 20 Virginia

Pittsburgh 20 vs. 22 North Carolina State

North Carolina 19 vs. 59 UNC Chapel Hill

Conference Champion: West Chester

South Independent

Life 18 vs. 10 Central Florida

Life 102 vs. 0 Florida State

Florida 32 vs. 34 Central Florida

Conference Champion: Life

Women’s Division II

Capital Collegiate

Virginia Commonwealth 24 vs. 12 Old Dominion

Mary Washington 40 vs. 20 George Mason (A Side)

Mary Washington 20 vs. 0 George Mason (B Side)

Empire Upstate

SUNY Buffalo 14 vs. 15 Ithaca


Florida International 64 vs. 7 South Florida


East Stroudsburg 30 vs. 15 York College


Denison 50 vs. 10 Ohio Wesleyan

South Independent

Emory 25 vs. 12 UTN Chattanooga

Georgia 10 vs. 15 Alabama

Conference Champion: Alabama

Southern California

CSU Northridge 47 vs. 5 Southern California

Occidental 5 vs. 47 Claremont

West Coast

Reno 7 vs. 18 Humboldt

Women’s NSCRO

St. Joseph’s (won) vs. DeSales*

Club Competition

Frontier Division II

Kansas 5 vs. 5 Kansas State


Longwood 10 vs. 38 George Mason

Dartmouth 17 vs. 17 Navy

Dartmouth 21 vs. 58 Virginia

Vassar vs. Columbia (cancelled, weather)


All Fools Tournament Participants/Placements:

#1 Illinois Chicago

#2 Purdue

#3 Western Illinois

#4 Loyola Chicago

Battle on the Nebraska/Wayne America Tournament:

Women’s Division Participants/Winners:

#1 St. Cloud

#2South Dakota & Southwest Minnesota State

#3 Saint Benedict


Chadron State

River Falls

Illinois State

Cherry Blossom Tournament Participants**

Group A

Catholic of America

SUNY Fredonia

Kent State

Maryland Baltimore County

Group B

George Washington

Slippery Rock



Group C


United States Naval Academy

SUNY Albany

Western Carolina

Group D






George Washington 5 vs. 10 Slippery Rock

George Washington 0 vs. 36 Connecticut

Navy A Side 22 vs. 0 Georgetown

Albany 24 vs. 0 Georgetown

Kent State 12 vs. 7 Maryland, Baltimore County

Kent State 38 vs. 0 Catholic of America

Longwood 0 vs. 55 Connecticut

Slippery Rock 22 vs. Longwood

Western Carolina 0 vs. Navy A

Rutgers 53 vs. 0 American

Rutgers 12 vs. 3 Salisbury

Syracuse 0 vs. 17 Salisbury

Syracuse 10 vs. 5 American

Western Carolina 0 vs. 22 Albany

Maryland, Baltimore County 24 vs. 0 Blackhorse


#1 Connecticut

#2 Rutgers

#3 Navy

Connecticut Cup

Sacred Heart 33 vs. 0 Fairfield

Sacred Heart 23 vs. 0 New Haven

Sacred Heart 19 vs. 0 New Haven


#1 Sacred Heart

#2 New Haven

#3 Fairfield

Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Union Women’s 7s Tournament Participants:

Mount Saint Mary's

Albright College





Muhlenberg College

Lafayette College


Ursinus College

Franklin & Marshall College (2 teams)

Cup quarter final seeding:

1.  Ursinus College

2.  Muhlenberg College

3.  Nuemann

4.  Susquehanna

5.  Mount Saint Mary's

6.  Albright College

7.  Lafayette College

8.  Lehigh

Cup semi final seeding:

1.  Ursinus College

2.  Lafayette College

3.  Albright College

4.  Mount Saint Mary's


1.  Mount Saint Mary's

2.  Albright College

Shield semi finals:

1.  Widener

2.  Franklin & Marshall College blue team

3.  DeSales

4.  Franklin & Marshall white team

Shield Finals:  

1.  Widener

2.  Franklin & Marshall College blue team

Dallas 7s Participants/Placements

#1 Texas Tech

#2 Texas

#3Griffin Women’s Club

#4 Texas A&M

Heart of America:

MSU Moorhead 51 vs. 0 Truman State

Central Missouri 0 vs. 15 KC Jazz

KC Jazz 15 vs. 5 MSU Moorehead

Truman State 0 vs. 19 Central Missouri

KC Jazz 22 vs. 0 Truman State

MSU Moorhead 19 vs. 0 Central Missouri


#1 KC Jazz

#2 MSU Moorhead

#3 Central Missouri

#4 Truman State

Findlay hosts Prom Dress Participants:




Ohio Northern

Lindenwood hosts Nebraska 7s

Lindenwood 50 vs. 0 Arkansas State

Lindenwood 50 vs. 0 Simpson

Lindenwood 0 vs. 35 Iowa State

Lindenwood 0 vs. 40 Arkansas State

Ferris State hosts 10s Scrummin’ Shenanigans Costume Tournament Participants:

Ferris State (Tacky Tourists)

Ferris State Alumni (Grapes)

Central Michigan (Hunters)

Western Michigan (Despicable Me’s Minions)

Saginaw Valley State (America)

Calvin College (80s)

#1 Ferris State Alumni (also won Best Dressed)

#2 Western Michigan

#3 Ferris State

William Smith’s Tournament*

William Smith (loss) vs. Rochester

Rochester Tech + Le Moyne 0 vs. 0 Rochester

Rochester Tech + Le Moyne 5 vs. 15 Rochester

Brockport vs. (loss) William Smith

*No scores kept

** Day 2 cancelled due to weather

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