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Final Round WRWC

The third and final round of the preliminary games of the IRB's 2014 Women's Rugby World Cup commence Saturday, August 9 at the French National Rugby Center in Marcoussis.

Seven of the twelve sides have a chance to make the final four. There are many permutations of who can advance based on game and bonus points. But conditional probability will give way to reality after tomorrow.

These are the games and the times (French time):

Ireland vs. Kazakhstan   -  1 p.m.

Spain vs. Samoa             -  3 p.m.

England vs. Canada       -  3.45 p.m.

Wales vs. South Africa    -  5 p.m.

New Zealand vs. USA      - 6.p.m.

Australia vs. France         - 8:45 p.m.

Television: Universal Sports. No streaming to the USA or Canada.