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Eagles (Ian Muir photo)

Tomorrow, August 17, will mark the end of the 2014 Women's Rugby World Cup when six matches will decide placements one through twelve. All eyes are on the final as upstart Canada play England for the championship in a rematch of the teams' 13-13 tie in pool play.

Historically, England hold a significant win advantage over the Canadians (now it seems, with a nickname "The Reds") but all past records will have no importance in the contest. England have placed in all six past World Cups, winning one, second four times. and third once. This will be Canada's first final appearance. The team has three fourth place finishes.

In examining why the Reds have advanced to the finals, credit must be assigned to its 2014 visit to Australia and New Zealand. Canada beat the Wallaroos 22-0 and lost twice to the Black Ferns but, in the latter contests, the team gained valuable test match experience, competing against the World Champions.

France play Ireland for third place, a familiar WRWC match for Les Bleues who have been third four times, and fourth once. Win or lose, it will be Ireland's first occasion in the final four, a fine send off to coach Doyle who retires after the match.

New Zealand play the USA for fifth place, representing the second time these XVs have met in the tournament. The Black Ferns will be looking to go out in high-scoring style, while the Eagles will try to perform better than the earlier 34-3 loss.

No television of the NZ-USA game.

Finals (Time: France)

(11-12) Samoa vs. Kazakhstan at 12 p.m.     

(9-10) Spain vs. South Africa at 14 p.m.

(7-8) Australia vs. Wales - 16 p.m.

(5-6) New Zealand vs. USA at 14:15 in Jean Bouin Stadium

(3-4) France vs. Ireland at 16.30 in Jean Bouin

(1-2) Canada vs. England at 18:45 in Jean Bouin