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Spain - Photo: Courtesy ESPN

In today's third round play, the least expected outcome occurred when a spirited Canadian side tied England 13-13. This means that the Maple Leafs, with 12 points (two wins at 4 points each,  2 points for the draw, and 2 bonus points) will be the fourth ranked team in the tournament's semi-finals. (Australia would have to upset France, the 2014 Six Nations Champion that is also playing on its home turf. Probably, not going to happen.)

Dramatically, the tie also extinguishes New Zealand's hopes of making the semis in today's game against the USA. Even a win and four-try bonus will only generate 11 total points, not enough to qualify for the semis. The second round Irish win against the Black Ferns set up this startling outcome.

In other play earlier, Spain routed Samoa 41-5 to assert its chances to make the 8th playoff spot.

A semi-final round without New Zealand! Impossible to consider at the start of this event.