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The open aired stadium

(The semi finals and finals of the 2014 Women's World Cup will be played in this historic Paris stadium.)

After an international search, the stadium was expanded and modernized by Rudy Ricciotti, previously winner of the Grand Prize in French Architecture. It has been praised for its environmental, and aesthetic approach. The original stadium was constructed in 1925.

It features a wide-open roof so spectators experience an open airiness.  All seats from top to bottom command excellent sight line views of the pitch.

The latest improvement witnessed both the installation of solar panels, and a water catch system to recover rainwater for internal use.

It seats 20,000 with 51 private boxes, and 300 prime business seats. The parking accommodates 500 automobiles.

Jean Bouin was an Olympian who finished second by just a second in the 5,000 meters in Stockholm. He died in World War I.