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Game of the Day: Willamette University vs. Reed College

This past weekend Reed College defeated Willamette University 30-26. The Oregon-based schools faced off in Women’s Division II match in the Cascade Conference.

Willamette Coach Alley Mitchl reflected, “Our ladies were professionals. They looked and played the part. They put together all of the hard work that they have been building on for the entire season and overcame many difficult challenges. I am always impressed with them. Rugby is organized chaos, but as a family, we can overcome any obstacles put in front of us. I am sad to be losing some amazing seniors and leaders. It’s been a great season.”

At the game’s beginning, Willamette received the pull at kick off and proceeded to score the first try on a break through Reed’s defensive line. By the end of the first half Reed had taken the lead and was able to hold it until the match ended. 

Willamette Captain Nina Tran said, “This game was definitely tough, especially when there were so many factors against us. However, we kept pushing. We made them pay for every ruck, every tackle, and every try they made. My girls were amazing, and I couldn’t ask for another. What I loved most was that we kept smiling throughout every bad call or high tackle. There isn’t a stronger bond between girls that shed blood, sweat, and tears for one another. That’s what I love most about us. We are sisters, on and off the field.”

Weekend Roundup

Women’s Division I


Central Washington 115 vs. 0 Oregon State

UC Santa Barbara 41 vs. 31 Arizona

UC Davis 29 vs. 5 Cal

UC San Diego 48 vs. 12 UCLA

Chico 9 vs. 12 Stanford

UC Santa Barbara 19 vs. 17 UC San Diego

UCLA 5 vs. 39 Arizona

Women’s Division II


Reed 30 vs. 26 Willamette

Southern Oregon hosted Round Robin with Oregon Institute of Technology Tech & Portland State*

Lone Star

Texas State 24 vs. 31 Texas Tech

Southern California

Claremont 38 vs. 29Southern California

UC Irvine 18 vs. 5 California State Long Beach

West Coast

Humboldt State 118 vs. 0 Fresno State

Santa Clara 10 vs. 76 Nevada Reno

Humboldt State 81 vs. 0 Saint Mary’s College of California

Sacramento State 65 vs. 12 San Francisco State

Saint Mary’s 199 vs. 0 Fresno State

UC Santa Cruz 69 vs. 15 CSUMB


Stanford 19 vs. 36 Berkley All Blues

*Scrimmage, no score kept